Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Potol Posto with a coconut twist

Narkel-sorse-posto diye potol

Potol in coconut, white poppy seed and mustard gravy

Potol or pointed gourd is a summer vegetable in India. It is called 'Parwal' in Hindi. It is common in eastern and northern India and mostly cultivated in eastern part of India. Potol can be cooked in various ways, from fried, grilled, curried or even one can make the famous sweet 'Potol Misti'.

Potol/Pointed gourd/Green potato
Here is a simple potol curry with coconut, poppy seed and mustard seed paste. My Ma cooks potol either with poppy seed paste (potol-posto) or mustard seed paste (sorse-potol), even sometimes with yogurt (doi-potol). But I never tried all of them together, thanks to Indrani Boudi for this idea.


  • Potol or pointed gourd: 500gm
  • Grated coconut: 1 and ½ tbsp
  • Posto (white poppy seeds): 1tbsp
  • Black mustard: 1tsp
  • Yellow mustard: 2tsp
  • Yogurt: 1-2tbsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Turmeric powder: ½ tsp
  • Green chilies: 6
  • Kalojire/kalonji: ¼ tsp
  • Mustard oil


1. Make a paste of the poppy seeds. To make a nice smooth paste either you can dry grind the seeds then add water to it or soak the poppy seeds at least for 2hrs, strain the water and then grind to a smooth paste.

2. Make a paste of both the mustard seeds. Soak the seeds at least for 2hrs, wash the  seeds in a strainer, and add a green chili and a pinch of salt while grinding the mustard seeds.

3. Make a paste of the grated coconut. Beat the yogurt with a little sugar and water. Keep aside.

4. Wash and clean the potol. Peel them. Cut each diagonally. Take a non stick pan. Add some mustard oil. When the oil is hot add the potol. Sprinkle some salt and turmeric powder and fry till tender. Keep the fried potol aside.

Cut the potol diagonally
Fry them

5. Add kalojire/kalonji to the remaining oil. As the black seeds spatters add coconut paste. Cook till it releases oil.

6. Add the yogurt. Cook in low-medium flame. Cook for 5-6min till the yogurt is cooked.
Always beat yogurt or curd with a little water and sugar before adding.

7. Add the poppy seed paste and the mustard seed paste.
Do not overcook mustard paste, it will be bitter in taste.
8. Add green chilies. Add salt, turmeric powder, sugar.

If  you want it to be extra hot, add some red chili powder
9. Mix well. Add the fried potol.

10. Cover and cook for 7-8min. stir in between.  I did not add water to the gravy, but if you think the gravy is turning too dry just sprinkle a little water. Add a little mustard oil. Serve with hot rice.


  1. Great recipe... thnx... good to see u starting a website of urself..

    1. Thanks, couldn't have done it without all of yours encouragement.

    2. Tor recipe wise baniechilam Potol Posto... khub bhalo hoyeche...thanks for sharing the recipe...

  2. Hello Chitrangada, I found your blog from Priyanka's facebook page. You seem new to the world of blogs, a warm welcome. The posto brought me to your blog :-) Darun dekhte hoyeche, nischoi darun kheteo hoyechilo....ekhon jokhon tomar blog khuje peyechi, follow korlam tomake, jate tumi ki post korcho khobor rakhte pari :-) Bhalo theko Suchismita

  3. Made it for Diwali party and everybody loved it. Thanks