Sunday, November 27, 2016

Pressure cooker chicken curry...

I prefer to spend the weekends either relaxing with my family or just to have some precious me time. Doing nothing and sitting with a cup of coffee or tea is such a bliss, a rare thing that happens but I look for those priceless moments. Throughout the week following a routine is so tedious, and repeating the mandatory chores is so irksome. So I make it point to switch off the alarm on my phone for the weekends,though the body clock always betrays me and I end up tossing and turning on my bed at 5 in the morning while the man and the kid sleep peacefully. I mostly tip toe around the house and sip the hot cup of tea alone and enjoy the perfect me time. Yes we do go out, meet family members, party with friends but also enjoy the rejuvenating lazy weekends.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

How do I plan my food shots...

Many a times I have been asked how do I plan my food shots and about the technical details of the shots. Before I talk about these,  I must confess that I have no training in photography. I have always loved the idea of taking pictures, as pictures are the only way to freeze a moment forever. My first inspiration is my father.
Baba had a Konica film SLR camera. He used to take it out for special occasions and during our annual travels. I used to nag to let him give the camera to me so I can take pictures just like him. Those were days when there were only analog cameras,  there was no way to check the image or delete an image once you have taken it. Good or bad you have to take it. And you would only come to know whether it's good or bad after you develop the films,  both buying and developing the film was quite costly. Still Baba used to let me hold his camera. He used to prompt me how should I check the metering through the view finder before I click, and I still remember how he used to warn me not to touch the circular knob to adjust ISO. 'Keep to 100, do not move it', that used his strict instruction. And now when I show him a night shot using my Nikon which permits an ISO high as 12800, he nods his head with surprise.

With the new age digital photography, it has now become so easy to take a picture, everybody can take a picture. Even my 5 year old niece is taking pictures with her mother's phone. You click, you check, if you do not like it delete it, click again, things are so simple.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Postor Bora..

What is food? something we take when we feel hungry? or something we can't resist even if we are full? or as my nine year old is prompting me " Ma, food is something we need to take for growth and energy" (her science class influence of course).

I think food is beyond and above all these definitions. It's not only calms down the hungry rat rumbling inside our stomach but much more than that. Food is something that satisfies our soul, it's a memory that lingers throughout our life, a taste from childhood, an aroma that triggers thousands emotions, that evokes the memory of someone very close to you, making them and the moment immortal.