Sunday, October 30, 2016

Narkel Naru...

If you have read my last post you know how late I was while posting something that was meant for the occasion of Bijoya Dashami and finally ended up posting just before Diwali. The last post was about salty crackers great for serving with tea or coffee. While making those diamond shaped crispy crackers I felt the need for something sweet to balance it. What else would be perfect but the Bengali special Narkel Naru or coconut laddu as the traditional counter part of nimki. 

Friday, October 28, 2016


I'm late, horribly late. A post that I wanted to share with you all during Bijoya Dahsami or Dushera, I'm writing it now, a day before Diwali. Sometimes I get busy with so many other things in life that blogging takes a back seat. All other priorities, family, friends and health always come first. But this time it was me and my laziness. May be it was the Pujo hangover. I'm still reeling with all the fun and gossip we did.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Rice pudding with date palm jaggery...

nolen gur er payes recipe, date palm jaggery rice pudding

'Durga Puja' is the biggest festival for us Bengalis around the world. The idol of Goddess Durga defeating the demon 'Mahisasura' which is worshiped during the five day long celebration is the true representation of feminine power where the divine mother is saving everyone from the evil demon. The Goddess is also worshiped all over India and the celebration is famously known as Navaratri, where nine days of fasting and swatwik food is taken as ritual.

In Bengal Goddess Durga is more like a daughter, who visits her father's place along with her children. During the five days of the festival Goddess Durga is worshiped along with her children, Ganesh, Lakshmi, Karthik and Saraswati. And this is the reason all the daughters till date long to go to her father's place during this time and most of them do so. Goddess Durga is more than a deity here, she is like the daughter in the family who stays away with her husband and gets a chance to meet her parents for these five days.