Friday, October 28, 2016


I'm late, horribly late. A post that I wanted to share with you all during Bijoya Dahsami or Dushera, I'm writing it now, a day before Diwali. Sometimes I get busy with so many other things in life that blogging takes a back seat. All other priorities, family, friends and health always come first. But this time it was me and my laziness. May be it was the Pujo hangover. I'm still reeling with all the fun and gossip we did.

As a child I remember how I used to be terribly sad after the immersion of the idol of Goddess Durga. All the lights put up for decorations brightening my evenings taken down, more than a month long preparations ending with sudden darkness had such a murky impression on a young mind. The locality used to look so dark and gloomy and I used to feel so heavy in my heart. The only fun part was to visit the friends and relatives house for 'Bijoya' greetings. It was a ritual to touch the feet of the elders for blessings and saying 'Subho Bijoya' to younger ones. The host used to serve plateful of sweets and savories. And this still continues. I agree I do not bend down anymore to touch feet but I feel the same respect inside me for those who deserves. And of course I politely bypass the plateful of sweets to avoid gaining weight but gladly enjoy the savory part, as if that has no calories.

In a Bengali household there are many traditional sweets and savories made during the Bijoya Dashami, to greet people who come to visit to exchange greetings. I remember Ma making narkel naru (coconut laddu), chandrapuli, payes, nimki, ghugni (yellow pea curry). Naru and nimki are like signature combination for Bijoya Dashami. And here I'm sharing the savory counter part the nimki, a salted fried diamond shaped crackers. There are various different varieties of nimki, the one I have made is the smaller diamond shaped one called Kucho nimki. Kucho stands for chopped into small pieces. Not only for Bijoya Dashami, try this simple and easy crackers for tea time snack.

Things needed to make Kucho Nimki:

  • All purpose flour: 2 cups
  • Oil: 1/4 cup
  • Salt: 1 tsp
  • Suagr: 1 tsp
  • Kalonji (kalojire/black seeds): 1 tsp
  • Water to knead
  • Oil to deep fry

Steps of making Kucho Nimki:

1. In a bowl take flour, oil, salt, sugar, black seeds and mix well. The oil and flour should be mixed very well.

2. Gradually add water to make a soft but tight dough. Cover the dough and rest it for 15 min.

3. Heat oil in a heavy bottom frying pan. As the oil is heating divide into 5-6 dough balls.

4. Take each dough ball and roll it with a rolling pin. Try to make a round, which I never succeed to do. Cut the flattened dough with a sharp knife into diamond shape.

5. Once the oil is hot, reduce to the heat to medium. Carefully take the small diamonds and drop one by one into the hot oil. Do not over crowd. Fry in batches till evenly brown. Take out and let cool down. Store in an air container. 

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