Thursday, December 14, 2017

Batabi lebu makha...

batabi lebu, pomelo, fruit

Batabi lebu known as pomelo in English is a citrus fruit with a thick green outer covering. The pulp inside may be yellowish white or pink in color, when ripe tastes sweet. But some may taste sour and bitter. This vitamin C rich citrus fruit is loaded with goodness. It's good for our skin, hair, as well the high potassium content is good for the heart too. This anti-oxidant rich fruit is great for fighting urinary tract infection. One can eat the pulp of the fruit directly or fresh juice can be prepared.

pomelo, fruit, sald, batabi lebu

In a Bengali household pomelo or batabi lebu is very common as a fruit. Being a seasonal fruit, it's available after the monsoon in India, though not for long. I personally love this fruit, provided it's ripe and naturally sweet. Frankly it's too simple to be noted down as a recipe but the beautiful pink pulp of the fruit forced me to pick up the camera and click. As you can understand the images were clicked when the fruit was in season, due to my absence from blogging I'm posting the details now.

To prepare the salad after peeling off the outer thick spongy skin the pulp is taken out and mixed with salt and pepper and eaten. We call this batabi lebu makha, that is mixing the fruit with salt and chilies and other ingredients and served as a salad. The salt balances the tartness if any and the chilies spike up the taste. Here is how I prepare batabi lebu makha or Bengali style pomelo salad.

batabi lebu, pomelo, fruit, salad

Things needed to make Bengali style pomelo salad or batabi lebu makha:

  • Batabi lebu or pomelo (only the pulp): 3 cups
  • Rock salt: 2 tsp
  • Sugar to taste
  • Green chilies (finely chopped): 2

Steps of making Bengali style pomelo salad or batabi lebu makha:

1. Cut the ends of the fruit, score the skin, and peel off the thick fleshy skin. Cut and separate each segments and remove the thin white skin and the seeds and the pith or any white spongy skin. Carefully take the sections of the pulp without turning it into juice. This can be kept chunky or the pulps may be loosen gently.

2. In a bowl take the pulpy sections, add salt and sugar and finely chopped green chilies. Amount of sugar depends on the sourness of the pomelo. Some are naturally sweet and some are not, taste a little portion and add sugar as required. If you can't handle the heat of green chilies, add black pepper powder. Mix the pulp with salt and sugar and chilies and let it rest for a while.

pomelo, batabi lebu, fruit, salad

pomelo, batabi lebu, fruit, salad