Thursday, January 16, 2014

Prawn curry with potato and cauliflower..

It's been two weeks since we welcomed the new year, surprisingly this is my first post of the year. It was not that I was out of town or not cooking or sick, I did make some finger-licking Indian curries as well as some simple salads and baked a few things during this "no show" phase. The truth is I was just lazy to pick up my camera to click the food I cooked. Hope to make that up in the coming days.

Today it's all about my favorite seafood, prawns, and that too paired with another favorite of mine, cauliflower. Earlier I posted a recipe on this combo, though that was with shrimps (Shrimp and cauliflower curry). Usually I cook prawn curry without garlic, for a change, this time I added a little onion and garlic to enhance the taste a bit more.

While working with prawn or shrimp, keep in mind not to overcook them. Or else they will turn hard and chewy.

I used fresh large prawns for the curry and kept the heads for more flavor. You can use frozen prawns too. Being a Bengali it's very difficult to ignore potatoes in a curry, so added that too. But seriously potatoes give a nice thickness and texture to the gravy.

And about cauliflower all I have to say is, I love this vegetable. For this particular curry fry the cauliflower florets till brown spots appear on them, cook over high heat and make sure the cauliflower retains its crunchiness.

Things needed to make Prawn Curry: 

  • Prawns: 6-8
  • Potato: 1 (medium)
  • Cauliflower: 1 (small)
  • Onion (grated): 3 tbsp
  • Garlic (paste): 1/2 tsp
  • Ginger (paste): 2 tsp
  • Tomato: 1 (large)
  • Cumin powder: 2 tsp
  • Red chili powder: 2-3 tsp
  • Turmeric powder: 1 tsp
  • Garam masala powder: 1 tsp
  • Ghee/clarified butter: 2 tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Sugar to taste
  • Oil to cook (preferably mustard oil)

Steps of making Prawn Curry:

1. Clean and wash the prawn, smear with little turmeric and salt. Keep aside.

2. In a pan heat oil (3 tablespoon), when the oil is hot fry the prawn for 1 min, turning the sides, take out and keep aside.

3. Peel, wash and cube the potatoes. Fry the cubed potatoes till nicely brown, keep aside. Use the same pan used for frying the prawns.

4. Cut the cauliflower into medium size florets to match the cubed potatoes. Fry the cauliflower florets till brown spots appear on them, keep aside.

5. If needed add more oil to the pan, when the oil is hot add the grated onion and cook till turns brown. Add garlic paste, cook for a minute. Add ginger paste and cook for 2 min. Add chopped tomato, sprinkle little salt, cover and cook till the tomato is done.

6. Add cumin powder, turmeric powder, red chili powder, few teaspoons of water, cook till oil separates from the spices. Add a cup of warm water, salt and sugar. As the water boils add fried potatoes, cover and cook till potatoes are done. Add fried cauliflower florets and fried prawns, cook for 2-3 min. Add ghee (clarified butter) and garam masala powder. Switch off heat, keep the pan covered for 5-6 min, serve hot with steamed rice.

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  1. This is indeed a finger licking prawns and this curry is calling me out to try it.