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Koraisutir kochuri

Koraisutir Kochuri

Koraisutir kochuri....Green pea stuffed fried flat breads, a winter special for Bengalis. This is my mother's signature dish and I learnt it from her

I know it is not winter here, but just think of those people in the southern hemisphere....they are enjoying the winter, so let's have some winter special foods...

Thanks to the frozen green peas available through out the year, who needs to wait till winter. And if you want an excuse, there are so many say, you ran 5min more than usual, or your hibiscus plant has a new blossom, or you found a perfect picture(read slim) of yours to post as your profile pic in Facebook...I can supply you with endless reasons...And honestly I do not even need any, I made these because I was craving for them.

I know there is so much nostalgia with peeling fresh green pea pods on those winter days to help your mother. But thanks to these frozen green peas it saves me a lot of time. 

There are different stages while making Koraisutir kochuri.
First, you make the green pea stuffing.
Second, prepare the dough and put the stuffing inside the dough.
Third, roll the dough flat and deep fry it.

Kochuri means stuffed fried flat bread, one can use any stuffing, eg. lentil paste(dal puri) or potato(alu puri) or even non veg stuffings like fish(macher kochuri). For Koraisutir kochuri, the stuffing is made of green pea paste. Green pea is called koraisuti in Bengali so the name koraisutir kochuri i.e. green pea stuffed fried flat bread. 

Things needed to make the stuffing for Koraisutir kochuri:

  • Green pea(shelled):400gm
  • Ginger(grated):1tbsp
  • Cumin seed:1tsp
  • Dry red chilies:2
  • Green chilies:2
  • Cinnamon:1inch stick
  • Cardamom:2-3
  • Salt
  • Oil

The process of making the stuffing for Koraisutir kochuri:

1. In a tawa dry roast cumin seeds, dry red chilies, cinnamon, cardamom. Remove from heat when the spices give out a nice aroma. Always dry roast spices on a low heat, that minimizes the risk of burning them. Now transfer the roasted spices to a dry plate or bowl. Never let the spices cool down on the hot tawa. As the spices cool down grind them to powder and keep in a closed container. This roasted spice is called Bhaja masla.
Bhaja masla/Roasted spices

2. If you are using fresh green peas, then shell the peas, wash them well and drain the water. I used frozen peas, so I just thawed and washed them.

Wash the green peas and drain the water

3. Make a paste of the peas, ginger and green chilies. Chop the green chilies and grate the ginger before you put them in the grinder, that will help to make a smooth paste. Make sure the paste is smooth. Try to use as little water as possible. But again if you think, to make a smooth paste you need to add water do not hesitate. So the bottom line is that the paste has to be smooth.

A smooth paste

4. Take oil(1tbsp) in a non stick pan. When the oil is hot add the green pea paste and cook it in medium flame. Keep stirring continuously. Remember I told you to use water as little as possible, cause if the paste has more water it will take more time to cook it.
Cook the paste to make the stuffing

5. Keep the paste stirring, gradually it will change color and will dry up.
It takes time but the aroma is heavenly
 6. When the paste is almost done add the freshly made ground masala, bhaja masla. Add salt.
Add the powdered spices
7. When the paste does not stick to the pan anymore, it is done. Let it cool down. The stuffing will become drier as it is cooling. Do not dry it too much, you should be able to make round balls with the stuffing without sticking it to your hand.
The stuffing is ready

Now the stuffing is ready, you need to make the dough.

For the dough, you need:

Salt a pinch
Water to make the dough

To make the dough:

1. Take the flour in a bowl add oil, sugar, salt and mix well.

2. Gradually add water and make a dough. Knead it well. Cover and keep it for 15min.

3. Divide the dough into equal size round balls, these are called Lechi in bengali. Since you are going to stuff it, make a little larger rounds than puri. I made lechis of 3cm diameter
I like to divide the stuffing into equal portions

4. Flatten the dough and take a little stuffing and put inside the dough, as shown in the pic below. Close the dough.

Rolling and frying the kochuri:

Now comes the last step of rolling the kochuri and frying it. I will explain it through the pics.

Roll the stuffed dough with a rolling pin, take care so the stuffing should not come out, brush the flat surface with a little oil if needed. You need to make a smooth paste of the green pea, if you have a coarse paste then when you will roll the kochuris it will burst out of the dough and it will be difficult to fry the kochuris.

Heat up oil in a pan and deep fry the kochuri.

As it puffs turn and fry

Kochuri is done

Usually Koraisutir kochuri is served with Dum aloo/alur dum(potato curry). For alur dum recipe click here


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  2. The recipes, for a start, make me want to close my laptop and run to my kitchen. Old school, and hearty, with a little backstory, make it great reading